YORK Affinity AC


Affinity Series gas furnaces offer higher energy efficiency than standard models€” plus the innovative ClimaTrak Comfort System creates an operating cycle that works best for your locale. Raise your comfort level with our most advanced gas furnace technology.

YORK Affinity Ductless


These York units are compact and deliver cooling or heating to structures without installing air handlers and ductwork. The manufacturer considers them a perfect solution for homes without ductwork and for room additions or remodels. Many of the ductless units can be used in commercial applications, especially to condition computer-server rooms where temperatures must be maintained, even in winter when other parts of the building are not being cooled.

YORK Affinity Furnace


The definition of home comfort has changed. YORK Affinity Premium Residential Systems are smarter, more connected, more efficient and more reliable than ever before. It’€™s home comfort built for the way you live. And it’s a new way of thinking that can only be found in these groundbreaking systems. Home comfort will never be the same.

YORK Affinity System


Advanced design dynamically adjusts capacity and airflow to precisely match changing comfort needs for maximum comfort and minimized power consumption. In fact, these ENERGY STAR Most Efficient qualified models can cut energy costs by as much as 50% compared to older.

YORK Humidifier


A portion of the heated air passes through a water soaked pad, returning moistened air throughout your home. Provides ideal humidity levels, improving comfort and creating healthier air in dry weather. Integrates with the air handler for whole house comfort.